Real Estate Types


A commercial real estate structure is used as a business or retail location. Grocery stores, banks, office buildings, gas stations, restaurants, shopping centers and convenience stores involved in real estate disputes can each face issues of restrictions on ingress and egress when changes are made to access a commercial site.


When it comes to residential real estate, there are three main types: single-family, multi-family, and condominiums.  A single-family house is a stand alone structure. It is not attached to other buildings, and its primary use is as a residence. Most people live in this type of home.


Other types of residential real estates include multi-family residences, which are structures attached to each other, such as duplexes, with multiple units used as residences.  These types of homes are common in more urban, heavily-populated areas.  A condominium is one unit of a larger group of residential units in a building or designated area in which each tenant owns his or her individual unit, and all the condominium owners in the building or area share ownership of common areas.  Condo towers are becoming more popular in downtown areas of many big cities as younger generations prefer a more active lifestyle in their daily commutes and after-work activities.  Condo owners can confront many property disputes for which they need legal assistance.


Agricultural real estate has facilities used for the growing and production of crops, livestock, poultry or horticultural products and timber.  In the Midwest, this type of real estate is very common.


Industrial real estate has facilities used for the manufacture of a product from other products, the transformation of a material from one form to another, mining of a material and related mine activities or storage of a product or material.


Special-use properties have a limited or specialized use and, as a result, they are more difficult to appraise.  Examples of special use properties are churches, schools, cemeteries, marinas and boat dock slips.


Changes to real estate due to acquisitions sometimes require that billboards and other advertising signs located along interstates or other heavily-traveled roadways be relocated or cause them to be eliminated altogether.


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