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Yasmin L. Stump

Attorney at Law

Yasmin, the firm’s president, and founder has more than 30 years of experience working as an attorney in the areas of eminent domain or condemnation, real estate litigation, land acquisition and real estate transactions. During her career as a lawyer, Yasmin has handled thousands of eminent domain or condemnation and real estate cases, as well as being involved in appellate cases, many of which have shaped Indiana eminent domain law. Additionally, she has testified in the area of eminent domain or condemnation law as an expert witness. Yasmin has also lectured at numerous seminars on eminent domain or condemnation and real estate law and has authored several articles on these subjects.

In 2000, Yasmin formed a private law practice, now known as the Yasmin L. Stump Law Group, PC, in which she has represented both individual and commercial landowners, as well as condemning authorities, including the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), counties, cities, towns, airport authorities and utility and energy companies. She has served as lead counsel in the eminent domain or condemnation cases on Sections 1 through 5 of the I-69 project connecting Evansville to Indianapolis, which is the largest new terrain highway project in the United States. Her firm has handled almost 300 eminent domain or condemnation cases on the I-69 extension project.

Additionally, Yasmin was lead counsel in the eminent domain or condemnation cases on the Ohio River Bridges project in southeastern Indiana, the largest bridge project in the United States. The Ohio River Bridges project team, which included Yasmin’s firm, was awarded the 2013 International Right of Way Association (IRWA) Project of the Year and the Ohio River Bridges project involved the construction of two new bridges and the renovation of an existing bridge connecting Indiana and Kentucky on I-65.

Prior to entering private practice, Yasmin worked in the Indiana Office of the Attorney General. Initially, she started as a line deputy attorney general in the Highway Section, where she handled eminent domain or condemnation cases on behalf of the Indiana Highway Department, later renamed INDOT. During her almost 11-year tenure at the Office of the Attorney General, Yasmin was promoted three times and ultimately was appointed section chief of two litigation sections, tort and real estate. As chief of these sections, she represented numerous state agencies in eminent domain or condemnation and real estate matters and managed a staff of more than 30 legal professionals, including attorneys, law clerks, paralegals, interns and legal assistants. Yasmin served under four different attorneys general.

Yasmin’s real estate experience predates her admission to the Indiana bar. While in law school, she was a law clerk for the City of Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development Legal Section. Prior to entering law school, she worked as the personnel and property manager at a national employment agency, where she was responsible for the selection, negotiation, design and construction oversight of the firm’s office spaces throughout the United States. Yasmin also served on the board of directors for the Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association and did work for the Mapleton Fall Creek Neighborhood Association, both in Indianapolis.

In her spare time, Yasmin enjoys spending time with her six grandchildren. She also practices yoga, runs and weight lifts. Yasmin is an enthusiastic art collector. She and her husband are avid boaters and boat on Lake Michigan.



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