Letter from Yasmin

Yasmin L. Stump

Welcome to the Yasmin L. Stump Law Group, PC (YLSLG) website.  The YLSLG team is pleased that you want to learn more about us.  Our firm focuses its practice in the areas of eminent domain or condemnation, real estate litigation, land acquisition and real estate transactions. With more than 50 years of combined legal experience, the YLSLG attorneys have handled thousands of eminent domain or condemnation and real estate cases.  We have represented a variety of clients, including landowners, businesses, governmental agencies and public utility companies in matters involving a diverse range of properties – residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial and special use — in almost all of Indiana’s 92 counties.  Our experience representing landowners and acquiring authorities in eminent domain or condemnation and real estate cases involving all types of properties gives us rare insights into these cases.

I’ve learned a lot about client services by being a client and customer myself. As a client, the only matter that is significant to you is your matter, and you want to know that your attorney cares.  You want to know what’s going on with your case.  The YLSLG attorneys do care, and they do communicate.  Our firm’s clients are like family to the YLSLG team, and our relationships with them are paramount.

As a client, efficiency is also important to you.  My 30 years of experience in the areas of eminent domain or condemnation, real estate litigation, land acquisition and real estate transactions have been used to develop a unique business model, which promotes the efficient and expeditious progression of cases. This model has been designed to accommodate a project with hundreds of parcels, as well as a matter involving a single property.  Our firm was assigned and has handled almost 300 cases in Sections 1 through 5 of the I-69 extension project from Evansville to Indianapolis, the largest new terrain highway project in the United States.  At the same time, we have worked on single cases on a variety of different projects across our Hoosier state.  Whether you’re a landowner, government agency or utility company, YLSLG has the experienced legal staff and the special structure to effectively assist you with your real estate needs.

One honor that I am very proud of is that YLSLG was part of the land acquisition team for the Ohio Bridges Project, which was recognized internationally as the 2013 International Right of Way Association Project of the Year.  This project is the largest bridge project in the United States.

The values that are key to the YLSLG team are dedication, tenacity, enthusiasm, innovation, and integrity. Your case or project is very important to us, and we’ll use our experience, background, and key values to work diligently for you.

Thanks for visiting the YLSLG website.



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